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This needed more work...

Falling From The Sky - Nikki Godwin

Ths is a book about a selfish, clueless twat called Ridge that goes off to basketball summer camp, avoids all contact with his family and girlfriend (he should have broken up a long time ago, but is feeling too apathetic and woebegone over his dad's death to actually do so, and she sticks around to not be the ass who dumped the pitiful one). He then fools around with a local kid all summer (CHEATING ASSHOLE, breaking up via txt is better than that), and though he actually comes to love the other kid, he mostly refuses to acknowledge that he is suffering from a case of GFY. It is also indirectly a story about a kid called Micha who goes through a lot of unnecessary grief because he latches on to a twat called Ridge.


At the very very end of the book, Ridge does become less of an ass, but it is a frustrating journey. I don't think I would have minded that so much had the technical execution of the book not been so annoying. My biggest gripe with this book is all the stuff that happens off page, which you as the reader is later supposed to somehow know. There is a lot of interaction and chemistry building that is skipped, and you're only presented with the end result and told to accept it. I guess that was convenient for the author as she didn't need to do a lot of showing and not telling, but it sucked for me.


On page 131 of 191 I wrote this - which quite accurately sums up my take on the entire book:


The time-line in this book is a somewhat erratic, which I could live with if it then did not mention conversations or situations that the reader is seemingly supposed to know about. It yanks me right out of the flow, and makes it really hard to follow Ridge on his summer journey. This book could have been good, but so far it falls short. It's like somebody randomly cut shit out, and the progression of Ridge & Micha's relationship could have been a portrayed a lot smoother.

I have repeatedly been told that Micha is the only one who understands Ridge, but I do not for a second believe it. Terrence (when he randomly appears) has a handle on the inner turmoil of his friend just fine, and seems to be a totally awesome and mature 16-17 year old boy. Why is there not more Terrence in this book?

I'm also having issues with the blurb, and it makes me wonder what book the person who wrote it read - unless things will change drastically from here [it didn't]. The horses have nothing to do with Micah's tribe - they are related to things Micha want's to show Ridge that has significance to his life, not his tribe's, though I feel the whole each-horse-has-a-story plotline could have been explored more. Missed opportunity here, author!

In addition I have not seen anything that can justify the book blurb's description of Micah as this hetro-boy devourer, and I'm feeling kinda offended on behalf of this boppy, excitable, fast-talking, sweet and cheerful zombie-loving kid. There has been mention of one ex-boyfriend. ONE. That does not strike me as extreme.

Grown-ups are weirdly absent, even though it is explained to a certain extent. All of this is extremely annoying, because I do see that it could have been pretty good.

At least it was a kindle freebee when I got it :-)