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I like stuff with romantic elements and angst, usually YA, fantasy, paranormal/urban fantasy or variations thereof. Usually wrinkles nose at sci-fi due to unlikely tech. Straight girl who likes boys that like boys!

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Forever My Girl (Beaumont, #1) - Heidi  McLaughlin To me, this book was mostly about poor Nick who spent 3 years wooing Josie, then 6 years as her boyfriend and father to her kid. Then Narcissistic Liam comes back, and Josie pretty much pushes Nick out, coming damn close to crossing the cheating-line at one point. So even though Nick was kinda cast as a one-dimensional asshole, I spent a lot of the book feeling sorry for him, and the way he suddenly decides to leave felt damn convenient. I know this was supposed to be about enduring love and stuff, but I would have liked it more if there wasn't this third person being hurt in the process.