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The Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah Ockler Oh, I just loved this! It's beautifully poignant and sad, but with flashes of humor - and since my grandmother died of Alzheimers it REALLY resonated with me.

Things I really liked:

It is a lovely book about love and family; Jude, Emilio, the Hernandez family and everything Jude and her family come to terms with over the summer. The rich family history that sprinkles the book makes all the characters real, not just YA-props.

This is not really a YA-love story, though there is romance in it. It is about Jude's summery journey, trying to hold on to her dad but watching his memories fade away despite all her efforts. How she's struggling to come to terms with it and learning to live in the moment - I loved how Emilio called her on that, by the way, and how well he seems to know her, as a contrast to how little she actually knows about him at the time.

It's about dealing with loosing your life-long friends as your family struggles through a hellish and scary disease, meeting and falling for this awesome off-limits guy, which she knows will hurt her sister. Jude's flashes of sass and humour were such great gems in all the seriousness. How she learns to hold her own with her much older and quite domineering sisters.

Emilio did NOT feel like a cookie-cut 1D person but as well fleshed out as the Hernandez family, and the glimpses of his history made me want to read HIS book, and I wished Jude was not quite so involved with her family's issues so she could focus more on his history, who he is - but at the same time I get why she doesn't.

Such an awesome book of learing and growing and wonderfully flawed characters. I'm still sniffing away some tears.