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Heart of Obsidian  (Psy-Changeling, #12) - Nalini Singh 2.5 stars

My biggest problem with this book is the same as my pet peeve when it comes to films: it. was. just. too. LONG! It should have been pruned. The vagueness of what really happened between Kaleb and Sahara 7 years ago dragged out and I lost interest. When it was revealed I had stopped caring.

The endless talking-about-but-not-mentioning-specifics in a very unnatural way of Sahara's Shadow Ability of Doom made me want to smash my e-reader. Those conversations were so stilted, and felt so contrived, and I'm sure I was cringing on the sofa.

I was halfway through the book before it finally started doing anything for me - before that it was a duty-read - and as a result I wasn't all that invested in Kaleb, Sahara or the Psy-war.

I am also way annoyed at the stupid marketing people for this book. It has been known for months that this book was going to be about The Ghost, and even the blurb pretty much tells you the Ghost is the hero, yet to me there was absolutely nothing - NOTHING! - that said "Kaleb is Ghost" until he brought it up himself on page 253. Out of 350. It could have been such a glorious moment of "wait, what?!", but instead was a "Yeah, yeah, I know. I've known for months, and I have been paying attention while reading, and it is not at all obvious from what you've been doing so far so bye bye moment of surprise".

I think the story itself could definitely carry its own if it was trimmed down a bit, but I just ended up being so pissy about the above that I couldn't focus on it. I think I will use an excellent Norwegian proverb and rename it "The book that walked around the porridge".

Goodreads says 2 stars equals "it was OK" so I guess that's what we'll give it then.

P.S: Also this: Lizzie's 1-star review. I just reserve 1-stars for serious suckitude, and it was not that.