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crush - Laura Susan Johnson Overall I thought it was a good book about really horrible things, in addition to really good things like enduring love and friendship, finding yourself and overcoming the utter shit life throws at you. I feel it could have been shorter, as the story overall dragged out a bit. It's the same I often feel about films: it wasn't any particular scene or chapter, just an overall feeling of it needing to be tightened up a bit; a bit of pruning and trimming here and there.

I adored the high school years (I'm a big sucker for YA after all). I loved the narrative style, and how the two POV's effortlessly wove together and moved the story forward; sometimes overlapping and highlighting different parts of the same scenes - but never repeating the exact same information, highlighting different aspects, or sometimes talking about completely different situations, showing you who Jamie and Tammy really are.

Jamie was just so sweet, I ached for him, and wanted him so badly to be free from his childhood trauma. Tammy's journey is well done too, from angry kid, to brash and almost narcissistic teenager, to a man passionately devoted to protecting animals.

I would have preferred the book to have ended on the balcony in Vancouver. I didn't like the summary-esque narrative both Jamie and Tammy slipped into at the end - they lost their own voices. It also became a little too fixated on God at the end for my personal taste. God, church and Christianity was always president, and I thought it really fit with the story, but it was more balanced. The final chapters just felt a little too pedantic and ham fisted compared to the rest of the book, and deducted from the overall feel for me.