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Reason to Breathe  - Rebecca Donovan Vascillating between 1 and 2 stars.

I was looking at the nominees from Best YA 2012, liked the title Bearly Breathing (hey, covers and titles matter!), saw it was the second in a series, noticed it was nominated for best YA in 2011, read the synopsis and thought "Interesting premise - I'll try that". Not reading the one and two star revives - big mistake.

I liked the idea. The book could definitely have benefited from a lot of editing. Some parts dragged on for too long, some were pointless, others I felt were a bit rushed. I found the popularity fest that surrounded the supposedly invisible Emma extremely puzzling - everyone is practically tripping over their feet to talk to her the moment she opens her mouth. Of course, even though she is invisible, she is involved in three different sports activities, is named co-captain of the soccer team, runs the school newspaper etc., and pretty much everybody knows who she is.

The setting is bizarre, with a load of rich kids with grown-up and socialite behaviour (I mean, an exclusive hookup/sex party?!?) - Emma seems to be the only one in school from a middle class home. Her BFF and super-perfect boyfriend do sod all to get the heroine out of from her aunt's house, even though they know perfectly well what is going on. Emma's reasons for staying were not very solid, but even if we accept that she was too beaten down to see the situation clearly (she didn't seem too beaten down), her friends' parents are these resourceful and powerful people (her BFFs dad's a judge, for crying out loud), and would have helped if her BFF and/or boyfriend as much as MENTIONED home abuse.

Also, I'd have liked a bit more reasoning behind her aunt's blind hate, because WTF? It makes no sense.

The school's handling of their suspicions was just plain counter productive. If suspecting home abuse I REALLY hope no school would handle it that way.

The ending gives no closure, as it's pretty much just a cliffhanger. Will I get the next one? Maybe, as I like closure. Was it a well written book? Not really.