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I like stuff with romantic elements and angst, usually YA, fantasy, paranormal/urban fantasy or variations thereof. Usually wrinkles nose at sci-fi due to unlikely tech. Straight girl who likes boys that like boys!

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Lust is not equal to Love, guys....

Her Perfect Mate - Paige Tyler

Despite what the title might lead you to believe, this is not a destined-mate-you-have-no-choice book.


Liked the world-building, romance could have been more believable - it was one of those "lust equals love” books, and that is just not the same thing. Would have liked a slower build into love - the marriage proposal at the end seemed a bit far-fetched to me. I’m very seldom a fan of MCs doing life-commitments like that after knowing each other for a few weeks/days. 




That said, I will probably read the next one when it’s available :-)