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Spark - Posy Roberts

From the Minnesota primer at the start of the book:


Uffda — An expression that can take place of a curse word or fill in for phrases like “goodness gracious” or “holy moly.” If “uffda” isn’t quite enough, you can say “uffda mada” (pronounced may-duh) for a little extra punch.


Heh. Hehehehe. Funnies. I think I might have to go to Minnesota some day and find other Norwegian words & mannerisms that have deviated from what we use in Norway today - if we ever used uffda like this. We definititely do not now :-)


Trying to figure out where the mada part comes in though - it is either too mangled for me to realise what the original Norwegian word was, or it was never Norwegian to begin with.


We all need some meaningless puzzles in our lives....





Oh! Oh! I get it! "uffda mada" is "huff 'a meg, da", slightly mangled and phonetically spelled.

Satisfaction is mine.