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Misfits by Garrett Leigh

Misfits - Garrett Leigh

This book. It gave me such a book hangover I walked around in a daze for days afterwards. Garrett Leigh has this knack for sucking me in with her tales of flawed, broken, struggling and wonderful characters, and Misfits is no exception.

I don't think I've read a book of hers that I didn't like. Even if I did object to some of the plot detail in Slide, I still loved the characters IN the book and their push & pull relationship that was beautiful and painful and poignant to read. The follow-up too. And Heart was amazing, though so very dark.

Basically Garrett Leigh has been big win for me so far. Enter Misfits, a M/M/M romance. I'm a bit leery of those as the few I tried and put down were just too... porny. I should have trusted Garrett and just bought it blind. Based on my previous M/M/M encounters, I had actually made up my mind to not read it. Stupid me! As the first three chapters are available online on the publisher's pages, I figured I could at least read that - free is free, right? I got to the end of the preview and was pretty much a big ball of "MOAR NOW! Garrett Leigh, please to take all my monies in exchange for book!". Hit buy button with relish.

Misfits sucked me in so bad - Jake, Tom & Cass just crept under my skin and stayed there. They were the bestest. It is mostly character-driven - about life and working your ass off, relationship dynamics, remembering what is important in your life, friendship, tenderness, love, loss, growth, acceptance and working your way out of past shadows. And it has Tom, Cass & Jake. Did I mention that I loved them? I was character-crushing like crazy.

It is also (for Jake) about coming to terms with loving two men - Cass & Tom are already so unconventional in their take on a relationship that they take Jake's inclusion into their lives pretty much in stride. I'm not going to try to explain how the relationship between Cass & Tom works and develops through the book, or how Jake over many months slides into it - that is after all what much of this book is about, and Garrett Leigh explains it much better than I ever could. Suffice it to say she took all my preconceived notions on M/M/M and booted them out the door. Hard.

I've read it twice. Loved it both times. Go read it.