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Feeling underwhelmed. Deep by Kylie Scott

Deep (Stage Dive Series Book 4) - Kylie Scott

Huh. That was a little... bland?


At the end of the book Ben is still as blank a canvas to me as he always was through the preceding books: he was always just there, but he had no impact really, beyond being a very built and tall man. He is big and built in this book too.


And Lizzie didn't quite do it for me as an MC - she had none of the zest and sting in her inner (and outer) monologue as the other Stage Dive girls, which is what made those books. She was mostly pregnant, hormonal and horny. I still don't know who Lizzie is - I actually thought I got to know her better in Anne's book.


And the relationship evolvement felt... forced in a way the previous ones did not, and the whole Martha thing at the end was a strange, clunky plot device. Cue next book?


Overall I felt a quite underwhelmed, which is a bit sad because I was hoping we'd finally get to SEE Ben, y'know?