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Keep it simpler, please!

In The Absence of Light  - Adrienne Wilder

Well, shit. So much stuff happened in this book my head swam.


I kept tripping over Grant & Jeff's convoluted history - possibly because I really didn't give a damn. So. Many. Stories. I'm thinking this could have been 200pgs instead 291, and seriously, there was no need for both Grant & Morgan to carry crazy-ex-boyfriend baggage. The desired plot points on relationship progress could have been made with less external drama.


I would have liked Morgan's POV. And a slightly more believable small town (seriously, it's the most gay-accepting community ever). It was really nice that they weren't gay bashing assholes, but all of Durstrand felt too good to be true.


Personally I found the evolution of Grant & Morgan's relationship the most interesting, and I could definitely have had some more of that and less FBI ex-con crap.