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I like stuff with romantic elements and angst, usually YA, fantasy, paranormal/urban fantasy or variations thereof. Usually wrinkles nose at sci-fi due to unlikely tech. Straight girl who likes boys that like boys!

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Secrets in the Shadows by T.L. Haddix

Secrets in the Shadows (Leroy's Sins, #1) - T.L. Haddix

The topic at the centre of the book is very important - abuse in various nasty-ugly forms, but I found the actual book too disjointed. It was difficult to follow and I kept being not interested.


So while the topic is important, I can't just ignore the execution which didn't work for me at all. There were too many peripheral characters, and how they connected to each other was  sometimes hard to follow - I just felt it was needlessly complicated.


The reactions of Mary Margaret & Troy were too caricatured for me - we see things from their point of view - to (supposedly) understand them better I assume - but it still seemed very one dimensional to me. Mary Margaret's actions at the end felt a little forced and basically only functioned as a wrap-up for plot lines that didn't actually require any more tying off. I wish I could give it more, but I rolled my eyes too much. I can't star a book just based on the topic it tries to tackle.