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I like stuff with romantic elements and angst, usually YA, fantasy, paranormal/urban fantasy or variations thereof. Usually wrinkles nose at sci-fi due to unlikely tech. Straight girl who likes boys that like boys!

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The Friend Zone - Kristen Callihan The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) - Kristen Callihan Under Heaven - Guy Gavriel Kay
— feeling greedy

I'm theoretically huffily reading Under Heaven after insidious coercion by my boyfriend, but then my mother visited for a week, and I found out that my intrigue-power-play reading muscles were sadly out of shape, and It Was Hard. I started re-reading The Hook-Up instead because it had been pointed out that my somewhat meh reaction the first time was Plain Wrong. And so it was. And now I need to read Gray's book. 


Also need to bump rating for The Hook-Up.