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This is Shyness  - Leanne Hall I really wanted to like this book - the blurb is so PROMISING! - and that I didn't was quite a disappointment for me. I liked the worldbuilding. Wolfboy was interesting - I want to know more about him and his condition, and the book only gave me little crumbs. I thought Wildgirl was... OK, although the Horrible Thing That Happened to her really was not that bad. The writing is really good.

The pacing and plot... just no. It starts off like the blurb promised, with Wolfboy and Wildgirl exploring Shyness. If it had continued like that, with weird meetings and then worked the Wolfboy/Ortolan/Gram angle, I think I would have liked it more. We could have had more information on Wolfboy, learned what Lupi said to Wildgirl, seen how the night affected Wildgirl and her problems.

Instead they go on a ridiculous quest to get Wolfboy's lighter back from the sugar-high Kidds. I get that the lighter had some sentimental value to Wolfboy, but he was ready to shrug it off. Wildgirl's stubborn insistence that they get it back just lacked any kind of foundation, and the quest bored me to tears BECAUSE IT WAS COMPLETELY UNNECCESSARY, even if it was tied to the Dr. Gregory side-story by the thinnest of thin plot-threads. As the second half of the book is dedicated to the Lighter Quest, it ruined it for me.