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I like stuff with romantic elements and angst, usually YA, fantasy, paranormal/urban fantasy or variations thereof. Usually wrinkles nose at sci-fi due to unlikely tech. Straight girl who likes boys that like boys!

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Ohhhhhh... Hug the book, hug it!

If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch

Oh. Oh wow. If you find me was.... Amazing, actually. Stayed up late finishing it. Cried a bit every now and again, trying not to wake the man snoring next to me. 


I might pull myself together enough to write an actual review, but just... Oh. Everybody needs to read it. Srsly. It contains harsh elements yes, but it's not all that graphic - mostly it is about this amazing girl, survival and trying to figure out how to live in a suddenly very confusing world.


I am having the book crush.